About us

Dr. Pfeifer Eye Surgery Center was established and is headed by senior MD Vladimir Pfeifer, a world-renowned eye surgeon, guest lecturer on conventions worldwide, mentor and author of workshops on modern cataract surgery technique at the European and American associations of cataract and refractive surgery, and a member of numerous recognized associations worldwide. The relocation to the new location in the center of Ljubljana allows us to provide our patients with premium-level services with state-of-the-art technology, two modern operating rooms, highest-quality materials and proven expertise of our surgeons. Quality level of our services can be compared to that of the leading Western European and American eye surgical centers. We work as a team and we are aware of the importance of investing in top-quality technology and in continuous training of both our sisters and our physicians.


Dr. Pfeifer Eye Surgery Center has received accreditation by the International Accreditation of Standards for Healthcare Organizations of the AACI Healthcare, USA and acquired an ISO certificate, which is an additional assurance for the highest level of quality and safety of our services.





Očesni kirurški center dr. Pfeifer d.o.o.

Barvarska steza 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana


Tel.: 00386 (0)1 320 73 00

Emergency number: 00386(0)41 / 207 492 (for patients undergoing surgery)

Bank account number: 0204 4025 4666 077

ID for VAT: SI47489758

Reg. no.: 1999648

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